Saturday, 10 November 2018

The Last of the Quickies

Well the past couple of weeks have slipped by and I haven't blogged!  The last of the Instagram pictures are below.

I've been on another couple of workshops, mainly just to take me out of my usual rut, and I've enjoyed them.  No pics, sorry.  I've written another article for WoWbook due out next month.

Also my Sawdust Heart is now on display with all 1567 others. Here is my official one, Number 0002, in the catalogue top row centre, the other is in the village church.

It's the season of rain, rain and rain so I hope you are keeping dry and doing what you love. 


  1. Such great work, are you going to sell copies of the book?

  2. I often see that trick of adding a simple line frame around a sketch and like what a difference it makes. However, I seldom remember to do it for some reason. You've reminded me once again. :-)

  3. Your painting are incredible! I though the hearts lady would email us with details of the book but I haven’t heard anything


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