Sunday, 6 June 2010

Hare Today.....

I'm working on a few projects today that I can't show you pictures of, they are gifts or for shows and I'm nowhere near finished!! Hopefully that goal post will be a little nearer by this afternoon.  (The reference to goal post is in no way whatsoever connected to the F word.  There won't be any of the F word in this house unless there is a final involved!)

Instead pictures of my hares, now 8 moongazers and two others who may be sacked for loitering!

Have a good, sunny Sunday!!


  1. Oh I love your graceful bunnies. They look like fun companions in a garden.

  2. Thanks for sharing!!!!
    I really love the one which I think is grooming (a loiterer??).
    I love they way you've displayed them inside the house too - the two moongazers in the window look great!!

  3. Beautiful hares! We have a little bronze leaping one and a little moongazing one that sits on the windowsill. Lovely.

  4. Just beautiful. They are such magical creatures.

  5. They do give me something to talk to around the garden and they do all face to the moon. (Except the loiterers!)


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