Friday, 4 June 2010

Waiting for Daddy

So what do you do when Mummy is busy and Daddy is out??  You wait where you're not really allowed but have a good view.

But that's why it's called furniture!!

John told me this week that I have bad habits, in the nicest way of course. It may be a clue to my bad knee. I have aways had flexible joints, hypermobile they it, and it can cause a few problems. I used to be able to not only touch my toes but put my head between my knees while doing so. John now tells my that when I bend over, drying hair or gardening, I still have 'backward' knees! I'm nothing like as flexible now but it could be a cause. I'm doing all I can to keep my knees slightly bent now. Change a habit of a lifetime.

On Monday we had a lovely drive out to the Haynes Motor Museum in Sparkford in the Mercedes 108.  Of course we also forgot it was half term and a holiday Monday!!  We are in that lovely lull in life where the kids have grown but the grands aren't here yet, but everyone else's were there on Monday!  We did see Ricky the Racing Car though.... hmmm.  The car performed rather well but of course John now has a head full of other little tweaks in search of perfection. 

The garden is coming back, we're so pleased.  My fears of having a hack and slash ground maintenance type have gone.  Brian speaks plants with me and I can trust him with my babies.  I hope.

Yesterday The postman brought me a great piece of kit.  I remember buying my Nan a carousel for her kitchen tools in the '70's and it dawned on me that it would be ideal for my crafting stuff.  I finally found them and bought two, one for crafts and one for painting.  Lots of storage in a small space and it rotates for ease of use, great!

Last night was Meet the Artist at Stewarts Garden Centre where Nina is exhibiting with quite a few others for Dorset Art weeks.  This was one of the official nights and we managed to find something else to put in the garden.  Again can't show you yet, it's still there!! All Nina's beautiful pastel paintings looked lovely hung on the walls en mass.

Today we were invited to a Land Rover day at Beaulieu Motor Museum.  Lots of off road and mud and I was even praised by the instructor!!  Wanna do it again!!!!  

Tonight it's open top sports cars at Quay for My Car in Poole so we are taking the old SL out for the evening and having chips on the quayside! Warm summer evenings......


  1. 'Fur-niture' - I like that!
    A drive out and chips on the quayside sounds perfect!

  2. I like the fur-niture. The carousel is a great idea. I could do with one big enough for all my paints and dyes!

  3. Unfortunately, for my wallet that is, chips turned into an Italian with a bottle of wine,and I had to drink water, sa la vie.

  4. I just read back through your posts and must say I enjoy your relationship to birds (especially)and four-footed animals! Your tea cozies are really cute and in fabrics I haven't seen in the USA. I loved the show of prize-winning quilts and pictures of your garden. Thanks for stopping by my blog because it got me to yours!

  5. My little pup likes to be on the furniture when we are not home, evidence is all the pillows on the floor! Sounds like a whole lot of fun on the auto side of life!

  6. You could have a row of them Maggi!! :-)

    Hi Robin and welcome, I did enjoy seeing your last beading with the envelope very much, and keep up the how-to's!!

    Yes we have that to Maggie and warm, furry circles on the cushions! Butter wouldn't melt!

    But it was a fabulous meal and a lovely evening so worth every penny! Maybe your chips fix next time but there is still that nice little Tapas bar......

  7. Had not made the fur-niture connection before, explains a lot of things in our house!


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