Monday, 7 June 2010

Poole Quay for my Car

Just a few quick photos of last Friday evening at Poole Quay when it was Open Top Sports Cars night.  Of course the only car that's missing in the photos is ours!! It must have been the lovely Italian meal or the wine.  Probably both!!!

They come in all ages, shapes and sizes

TS Royalist is moored to the side.  I sailed on her for a week when I was 14, it's always nice to see her again.

They parked all the way up almost to the lifting bridge.

Our Gwen is in there somewhere, just about the middle of the picture as far away as you can see behind all the people!!

The headquarters of the RNLI glowing in the late evening sun going along past Holes Bay on the way home.


  1. Pretty cars, and I love the romantic big sailing ships. How cool you sailed on that one as a teenager. Do you read the Patrick O'Brian Master and Commander novels? The ships are almost characters in these great books.

  2. It was the most fantastic experiance Terra and I will have to look those books up. Thanks for the tip.


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