Saturday, 18 September 2010


Well the Friday Night Sew in meant I at least did this months Stay at Home Robin!  That little block has been hanging around waiting to find the next piece it wanted and, after a lot of offerings, I more or less gave up.  Then I found a batch of hand dyed silk velvet lurking in a corner and it just wanted to be a part of this.  It does have the right blue in it and introduces green.  I think this is ending up as an exploratory of texture!  I took the photo in the morning light to capture the beautiful sheen on the silk velvet.

Other things I completed last night I can not show on here as there are two Christmas gifts and a block for a friend but they took time and I'm more than happy to have spent the time on them.

This week I also signed up for a City and Guilds course in Creative Textiles.  Should be interesting!!!


  1. Ooh, love the look of that texture - as for where you should let me know about the SAHR - a comment on the blog is fine, or you can email me privately, which works too. katelnorth at yahoo dot com...

  2. Wonderfull ! this batch of hand dyed silk velvet is ideal and completes very well your block.

  3. Gorgeous. Just love the velvet and it contrasts so well with the entirely different sheen on the organza(?). Are you doing C&G online or face to face?

  4. It is a very touchy feely piece!

    It's growing all on it's own Kate, I hope you have tips on how to control these things!! lol

    It's the Quiltmaking one. :-)

  5. Good luck with the course, I bet you do some great things. and well done for getting ahead with the Christmas gifts!
    ps thank you for the lovely comment on my blog too!

  6. Makes you want to touch it :-)
    It's fun to experiment and go our own way with these.

  7. Great to hear you're doing a City and Guild course - which school have you joined? Look forward to seeing your progress. Keep lots of chocolate in store - you'll need it when you get brain-drain. I couldn't have done my course without the help of Mr Cadbury.
    Now I'm nearing the end of my course I've become friends with Mr Weight Watchers .. LOL!

  8. Your SAHR is looking very luxurious. Good luck with the C&G course, I had a look at it too. Have a great time with it.

  9. I love the tiny squares -so neat, and the colours and the textures - lush :-). I love the was we are all doing the same, but so different!



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