Saturday, 4 September 2010

Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

We have been visited by this little fellow over the past week or so clearing up the fallen bird seed.
I thought I would have a quick tour around the garden to see what else is out there. Everything seems to be fruiting prolifically. Are we in for another harsh winter?

Sloes on the Blackthorn, the first to flower and very nice in gin, Hawthorn and heavily weighted Elder.
Some keys. Ash, Sycamore and the Tree of Heaven.
A couple of slightly tamer shrubs, Cotoneaster and Pyracantha. The Blackbirds devour the Pyracantha so fast!
And a few for us. Hazel nuts, apples and pears.
These three were wedding presents three years ago. Brown Turkey fig, what we thought was grape Aglianico but they are supposed to be black and these seem to be staying white. It’s the first year we have let them fruit so we shall see. At the bottom is black grape Brant.
And on my return I found this outside the study door. Well he is rather plump!


  1. Gosh, lots of garden produce! and a tummy that just screams out to be tickled! September is such a busy time in the garden.

  2. What a glorious garden you must have! Is that a hedge hog? Sometimes you just have to stretch like that to get the kinks out!

  3. If you dared tickle his tummy Lyn, you'd be up to your elbow in CAT! (grumpy cantankerous old thing he is! love him to bits though)

    Yes Maggie, a hedgehog and just a little baby. We had an enormous boar snuffling around once and then a sow with babies but not sure what happened to them. Now we seem to just have this little one at the mo.


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