Friday, 3 September 2010

The Great Dorset Steam Fair

It is a vast site on dusty field and it was 29 degs C. There was a nice breeze that helped and plenty of stalls with cold drinks and ice cream but some rather well used portaloo's, we chose to watch our intake instead!

In a field in the next valley from us they have harvested the crop the old fashioned way and every time we saw them in the field with the very old tractor and equipment, I didn't have the camera with me of course!  They made proper sheaves of corn and stood them in groups and it looked fantastic but it took days to cut the whole field.  We did wonder why they were doing it and now we know.

They then went through this...

To make this.

And you could buy the cracked wheat or flour.

Of course the really old way of working was being done buy these wonderful beasts.
This fellow was rather naughty in that he kept putting his head over his companions neck and flattening the braids.

There were some absolutely huge, and I mean 19 hands of horse, Belgians there but they were in the stables being kept cool.  Beautiful things.

This show was a man from New Zealand and the sheep were all so well behaved.
In one tent I found this collection of sewing machines.

No John, we don't need a Porsche and especially this type!
We then made it across to the heavy haulage field where they were showing what they could do.  Some were surprisingly fast and could make it up and down this large arena in no time.

All were in pristine condition and very well loved.

And if you are gong to haul something to a show, you may as well haul something strange too!

Though there was a very large, modern fairground there, these showman's engines were lined up as far as the eye could see...

Right beside this rather more traditional fair.

Many displays were all around and the arena's had shows, here of some military.

It was a good afternoon and would really take a few days to see properly. We were certainly glad to sit down in the car at the end of it.

Oh, and last night I had a rather interesting phone call!!!!!!!!!!!!!  More of that later.


  1. My father would have loved the Dorset Steam Fair! He loved to tell stories of farming with the horses!

  2. That looks like a really good day out. A couple of friends of ours went for the day yesterday -

  3. I love technology and all we have today, but I really love being rural!


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