Thursday, 26 January 2012

First Sight of the Sea

It was such a beautiful afternoon today after all the rain this morning that we decided to take the dogs down to Studland Beach.  (Sorry, yes another doggy post).

Ellie has only been 'out' a week and has met mud, puddles, the pond (yes she swims!), hedges with deer and rat runs and hares and pheasants that leap out into the air in front of you.  The beach is something completely different!

Of course Ruger and Tully were straight in, Ellie managed to wet her paws and wisely decided it was cold.

But the joy of running with her two bestest buddies kept me busy too!

If you're wondering what Tully is wearing, it's the latest in doggy flotation jackets.  When you're shaped like a brick you tend to swim like one too.  Though she is convinced she could actually do the Channel I think she likes the little bit of support.  Not bad for a little dog who actually detests rain or anything slightly damp.

Of course there are some out there who swim like a fish with the webbed feet and bow wave too.

We had Elsa, Mike and Remi here at the weekend.  Last summer we very nearly retired our good old faithful, rather stressed Stressless chair and bought a new one.  I'm so glad we decided to wait until after any puppy antics had been settled.  Remi and Ellie may look cute but they had exhausted themselves playing on it for at least an hour beforehand!  We may look at another chair next summer instead!


  1. What lovely pictures - happiness is a tired little dog after an excellent day out. The flotation device is a great idea, like the 'grab handle' on the back.

  2. Lovely pics, all so full of energy. Probably a wise decision about the chair.

  3. Lovely post ... there's nothing nicer than a dog's joy and happiness to put a smile on my face.

  4. You had great weather yesterday, we had about half an hour of blue skies but the rest of thy day was grey and / or wet. I love the photo of the dogs on the chair, but I can't Work out when one starts and the other finished!


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