Friday, 27 January 2012

Bird Watch Time Again

Only seems five minutes ago we were doing this!  Not sure how many we have done over the years but even our records at this property are starting add up and make a picture.

Go to Big Garden Bird Watch to sign up and enter your results this weekend.

If you are on my Facebook you may have seen that this week we have had two visitors in the house already!  This has always been a very avian property, probably because of the high and dense hedges we keep, and we do spend a small fortune feeding them all including the pheasants even though I'm rather partial to having one for dinner now and then! (Not one actually from our garden!)

I will leave you with a few pictures of the visitors, a Robin in the house today and a quite young and small male Sparrowhark visiting in the garage on Wednesday.  We wonder if he is the baby of the male and female we have had around her for a few years.


  1. Stunning sparrowhawk, the robin is cute too. Thanks for the reminder about this weekend, I had actually forgotten.

  2. I have never seen a robin they are beautiful birds.

  3. I love Robins, they are so cute ... great pics, and the Sparrowhawk eyes are AMAZING !!!!

  4. It is great to have all these feathered friends about! I only had pheasant once, didn't care for it, but then my mom was not known for her cooking!


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