Friday, 3 February 2012

An End! Sorta, Kinda...

Only a year on from the finish of the Magical Minis and I finally pieced the last three months.  Twenty five 4 inch blocks to add to all the others, 97 in total.  All I have to do now is make 96 or so connector blocks and put it together.  No rush.

Not many doodles this week.  I really like this one and it was fun to do.

I had a funny five here with the robin.  Not too sure whether to colour the flowers.

And I wanted to play with a set of Faber Castell artist big brush pens I have.

At the moment I'm slowly adding to this page as the mood takes me.

Monday sees the start of the Bloom True painting course with Flora Bowley so I may show you some efforts of acrylics being splashed around.

And I couldn't post without a pup pic or two.  The first one was easy, we just showed them a treat.  The second one however took three of us and quite a few treats and Tully still managed to sneak off at the last moment.  It's still the best picture of quite a few we took though!! 

We will have another go the next time Remi and his Mum and Dad visit.  They grow so fast!

Have a great weekend.



  1. Have you just changed the view photo? Or did i not notice before? I love the alphabet, great doodling. Did i ask you if you'd seen zentangles? I love the inspiration!

  2. Just love your doodles. I really need to do more of that sort of thing. It's not like I don't already have some sketchbooks just waiting...

  3. Wow, those tiny blocks..!
    Like the drawings too.

  4. Love those doodles - I need to get back to doing that sort of thing. Have plenty of sketchbooks lying around just waiting...

  5. I'm blown away by your doodles, they are quite beautiful.

    Love the puppy pictures (as always).

  6. Magical minis look great as do your doodles. Gorgeous doggy photos. The last one looks like those china dogs people used to have in front of the fireplace:)

  7. WHEW! That's a lot of mini blocks! Love your sketch book, and of course, Love the pups!


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