Sunday, 5 February 2012

Rip Off Britain

I finally took advantage of one of the Hancock's of Paducah's shipping free offers.

2.5 yards of 108" backing fabric, five packs of 12 fat quarters (that's 60 in total) ((I know I like batiks!!)), and a kit.

With the VAT and Parcelforce handling fees (£20.51) over here the lot cost me a total of £114.

I will say no more.

Very Happy Bunny.



  1. No wonder you are happy. How did you get away without paying customs charges?

  2. That was in the £20.51 Maggi. The fabrics only came to £94, you have to spend over $100 to qualify for the free postage, not too hard!

    I just checked a few sites over here again and 108" backing is about £18-£20 a metre and fat quarters are between about £2.50 and £3 each. I think I'm looking forward to the next free shipping offer!!

  3. Wow - you got a great deal. I often wonder why fabric is SO expensive here.

  4. I've no idea Karen but it seems really unfair and they've set a precedent so I can't see them changing the prices down any time soon.

  5. Good for you! Getting squishy packages is always so fun!


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