Friday, 10 February 2012

Some Stitch and Scribbles

I've started to put to use some of the batiks that came through from Hancock's last week.  This makes a change as I usually just hoard them not wanting to cut them or damage them.  You would not believe how I just want to keep them all nice!!  Anyway one phobia broken, I dived straight in!! Fifteen 9 inch blocks waiting to be trimmed and then I will make fifteen more!

A couple of sketchbook scribbles this week. An exceptionally quick group of sketches of the dogs.  I hate the bottom left one of Ellie but I have left it in.  I haven't done my usual thing a spent ages tweaking it or then giving up and destroying it completely.  I will learn from it.  Two more phobias broken.  One a bad drawing I will live with and two I am showing you lot.

And after the alphabet I though numbers would be good.  I really enjoyed this one and using the brush pens again.  The Indian ink in them flows so nicely.

Thank you for your comments and responses to the last post. I do enjoy what I do I just need to find a stronger cage for the little devil on my shoulder. Over the years I have taken several of those Left/Right side of the brain tests. I am always virtually down the centre with a slight leaning to the right, but not by much. I have done them because they often accompany those analysis of left handed people. I am and am not one of them so I like to test their theory. I paint and write on paper with the left hand but paint and write upright like on a blackboard or wall right handed.  I can fly fish and fence (the one with the sword John, not the one with wooden panels) with either hand. I will peel vegetables with the knife in my right hand and then chop them with my left.  I knit and crochet right handed but can do it left handed with a little thought when asked for help by a left hander. No I don't consider myself ambidextrous as this means you can do all things with either hand.

In the past I have taken one or two absolutely enormous leaps of intuition and been very lucky with the outcome so why do I shut that gut instinct away when it comes to simply creating something? You can tell I've been analysing this week can't you!! Lol.  I must say a huge thank you to John who has born the brunt of my strange week yelling at myself and trying to rationalise, it's very out of character for me.  I have had firm words with the ghosts of people in my past who constantly dragged me back on the 'proper' course, the course where the left side of the brain should be dominant. I want to give the right side an airing. Anyway, result is I am going to make a great effort to just DO and not give a flying fig about what is right, proper or expected of me. Don't watch this space too closely though.

Have a fabulous weekend and I hope the snow and ice doesn't slow you down too much!! (Unless you're in Australia where you'd have a problem if it was!!)



  1. Have just been playing catch up and reading your posts. My husband is a left hander although he uses cutlery right handed and also uses scissors right handed. Love your sketches. You may think thay they are not up to standard but to me they look pretty and good and it is the old adage that practise makes perfect. You will improve and if you keep the not so good ones you will see the difference. Nice treasure trove from Hancocks. Lynne Edwards once said that a stamp collector doesn't use his stamps and they mostly saty in a cupboard - so don't worry about collecting quilts. Just make it and enjoy it.

  2. The colours in the blocks are just great. I have long dispatched any phobias about cutting into fabrics, possibly because of all the dyeing I do. The sketches look good so don't be too critical at this stage. Hope that you cage up that devil. What is right and proper for you is what you think it is, not what other people want to impose upon you. Love those numbers by the way, do you just keep putting layer upon layer?

  3. The blocks are lovely, the dog sketches are far better than you realise, and the numbers are a work of art! All this left side, right side is beyond me, but it sounds as if you have ghosts that need to be banished, you are a very talented creative lady, and sod off to anyone who ever tried to make you doubt your abilities

  4. I am in awe of your talent, Amo! As an obligate right hander (although I can use a fork in the left hand in proper British fashion to feed myself) I wish I could do more with my left hand. My right brain would love to expand to create more art!

  5. What a fabulous and thoughtful post. I can't draw like you do with either of my hands; I don't think you should worry which one you use!

  6. Your quilts are very bold and colorful. Beautiful and fun works.

  7. Fabulous work and thinking. I really relate to your left right debate and would encourage people to be as ambidextrous as possible in case they too break their right arm. It is amazing how clumsy and inept it is for a right hander to be doing things left handed - like typing! Sewing, what's that?

  8. Your artwork is seem to be good at everything you do.

    I'm right handed but cam write quite neatly with my left hand - you just need a mirror to read it! ;-)


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