Sunday, 1 January 2012

Woo Hoo We Made It!!

Happy New Year!

We puppy sat Remi while Elsa and Mike went to a wedding. Puppy tumbles everywhere.  Hard work but the new year arrived as it should.

No resolutions, they are only made to be broken.  I will be loosing weight though, the wedding is more than enough motivation!  I will also try and be a little more creative in all departments.

My painting has been non existent so a few weeks ago I signed up to a course by Flora Bowley .  I love her use of colour and she uses acrylics which is a medium have not really explored much.

I am trying to slot in the C&G when puppy permits but I am keeping her away from my room at the moment as she is still in super explore mode.  I do try to keep the room tidy and pet proof but it also helps that Ruger, Tully and Oscar are all laid back animals and not too bothered about putting their noses where they shouldn't.  All they usually want is somewhere peaceful to sleep.  My little room has been a haven for them over last month!

There is a lull in activity at the moment, all feeding, watering and exercise has been done so now they sleep!  I hope your New Year is creative, inspiring and productive!



  1. Happy new year to you xx

  2. Happy New Year to you all, look forward to lots of puppy dog tales.

  3. Hope 2012 continues to be filled with puppy fun and creativity.

  4. Happy New and creative 2012, to you!. The puppy is so cute :) And would you believe that we have the a very close relative of your soft duck at our place...Kenzie enjoys playing with it, as well!

  5. A Happy and Blessed New Year to you! Puppies and kids do grow up, so enjoy these times!

  6. Thank you for visiting and your lovely comment. I am glad you have enjoyed my drawings. I have just seen some of your sewing. Hope you have a creative year and have fun.
    Happy New year.


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