Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Can a Girl Really Have Too Many?

I think I many have over estimated how many 132 foam brushes are.

I had bought a few crafting versions of these to do the Flora Bowley class with but they soon wore through so I found these on line at a fraction of the cost.  Probably because they didn't have the word 'craft' in the description.  Anyway, I think I won't have to worry about buying more for quite some time!

We've had a few really beautiful afternoons here, a little misty in the mornings but clearing by lunchtime and turning into glorious evenings.  Ruger has been on rest with his cruciate injury but he has been going a little stir crazy at home or on the lead.  We took them on a gentle walk along the drove road behind the house to see how he would be.  Slowing down a Pointer is a bit like slowing the tide but it wasn't too bad!

Of course he had his partner in crime with him all the way!

In the distance you can just see that they have been stripping out the hedges.  I would have thought March was a little late in the season as the birds are beginning to nest.  It is nice seeing the laying coming together though.

We disturbed this herd of Roe deer who disappeared off into the next valley.

The grass is always greener.  Especially when those two brown dots in the other field are hares wisely going in the other direction.

Ellie is very good at making sure we are never too far away.  She's growing so fast too, now 4 months old.

 I hope the weather is good for you too, have a great week!


  1. No, you can't have too many foam brushes! And what lovely pictures! I can feel the fresh air on my face!

    1. It's been grey and chill since so I'm glad I had the camera with me then!

  2. With all those you'll be able to decorate the house too. Looks like an invigorating walk.

  3. Are you painting with foam brushes? I didn't know what they were for, now I can guess how you got that lovely colour wash? Great countryside, thanks for the photos. All white outside today, well for the 5m I can see anything!

  4. Had a chuckle about your paint brushes - looks like you're going to be busy for a while!!
    Love the photos of the walk .... looks lovely and fresh, how I'd love to walk along fields and paths like that ... I'm always scared of snakes over here.


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