Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Hebe Has Clothes! Finally.

I actually finished Hebe last night.  I just had an urge.

Well she has been sitting on my desk in just her stockings and big boots for quite some time! 

At least she should be a little more comfortable and she can now join the others.

 I love doing all the fiddly bits like earrings and hair ornaments.

She needed a seat as her legs wont quite hold her up for very long and, as she is a little steampunk, I made a skull for her to sit on. Of course that had to have extras too.

I have also quilted the Christmas table topper quilt.

I has metallic threads just to lift it a little.  I made the quilting quite dense as it's for putting things on.

The holly leaves were a pain.  My fault really as I forgot to heat set them before I washed it.  Yes I had to paint them again and I have had it over a hot radiator for a few nights to set them this time.

And finally this quilt was the reason for my studio being covered in micro fleece fluff a few weeks back!! 

I made it from some lovely brushed cottons and the fleece on the other side in the raggy method, hence the gazillion cuts and resulting mess.
It was for Chris' birthday which was last week so I can now show it to you.

Have a great week!


  1. Given the weather it's about time poor Hebe had some clothes, LOL. Love the raggy quilt, fab colours

    1. She has an even bigger smile now. And that quilt is so soft and snuggly I was very reluctant to let it go!! I think it has gone to a very good home though.

  2. Hebe is darling! Glad you are feeling better and can play!


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