Monday, 17 December 2012

Stitch as a Therapy?

I have signed up to do the Traveller Blanket workshop with Dijanne Cevaal.  Yes I know I need another thing to do like a hole in the head but there was something about this one that just needed me to join. 

I started on a good footing when I sourced and ordered some bump and dommet to act as the wadding.  I wasn't sure which weight to go for so I ordered 2 metres of each. Two ROLLS arrived with almost 10 metres on each. I think they may have thought that the roll ends were just worth sending as there wouldn't be enough to line curtains.  I'm a happy bunny anyway as I was only charged for what I ordered.  

I have thought of a theme for the little stitched parts, butterfly wing patterns.  I was going to go all complicated and dye some more scrim but I found this old piece in exactly the right size at exactly the right time so I guess it was telling me it wanted to play.

Last night I had a look around for something to back it with. I found a pile of very badly dyed linen that was part of my first ever dying session. The linen is very loosely woven and so is easy to stitch through.  The whole point of this blanket is 'therapeutically easy'! I cut them up and tacked them onto the dommet. I'm sure you'll agree they are rather ugly but I'm hoping the amount of stitching and many colours will help change them. And anyway, it's the back!  Lol The green is not really lime, more like sludge, it's the spotlight shining on it.

On the front I laid the dyed scrim to see how bright it is against the white.

This is a pile of more dyed scrim and loose weaves I am going to lay under the main piece to give the colour depth.

Just a bit of playing needed now until I'm happy.

And as a little inspiration of how stitch has been used I had this book arrive this week.  It's not a 'to do' book but one for the coffee table and quite lovely to look through.

I hope the madness of the week before Christmas is not too mind blowing for you!! 



  1. It's going to be really interesting to see how this progresses. It certainly has a very inspiring base so far.

    1. Yes, I can add it to the pile of other pick up put downers I have!! lol

  2. What loveliness to play and create with! Have a fun!

  3. Looks an interesting start and I shall be watching how it develops. I love to have an ongoing hand stitch project too. Enjoy!

    1. It's something very primal and deep isn't it?


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