Thursday, 10 January 2013

If You Would Be So Kind

My daughter Elsa and her husband Mike are both running in the Jurassic Coast Challenge at the end of March in aid of Help for Heroes. This isn't just running one marathon, it's running THREE marathons over three days along our very beautiful but rather undulating coastline.

Below is a link to the website that has all the information should you wish to read it.  

I personally need a comfy sofa and a strong coffee to just look at the maps.  I've walked one or two of those coastal paths and that was bad enough.  Running over 80 miles of it is really going to take some stamina and grit and I don't envy them one bit!!! 

Sadly most of us now-a-days have links with, or know of, those affected by an injury through being a serviceman or woman.  I would be so grateful if any of you would be willing to sponsor them, every penny counts. Thank you!! 


  1. Done! Hope it goes well (bl**dy long way)

  2. Thank you so much Benta! I will keep you posted as they do it!

  3. Good luck, left a donation.

  4. Thank you Milly, that's very kind!


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