Friday, 25 January 2013

The First Colinette Throw

I finished the first of the Colinette Yarns Perugino throws.  It's here being beautifully modelled by Miss Tullamore Dew looking rather elegant.  Actually I think a bird just landed in the garden behind me so she's not paying me any attention at all. 

It was a lovely easy pattern and it's rather a nice thing to have over your knees whilst making it in this snowy weather.  The other colour way I think I will be crocheting a pattern but I haven't decided whether to do rows or squares.  I think I'm leaning towards rows as the differences in the yarns, three Mohair and three tapes, would possibly cause sizing problems.  I know I would work around it but the knitting and crocheting thing is for mindless finger occupation whist watching the TV in the evenings. Working out patterns is not why I'm doing it.  I spent years making Arans and Fairisles so I certainly don't think I'm missing something!

Elsa and Mike's training is going really well as you can see from the photos below.  I pinched them from their donations page (link on the top right of the blog should you wish to see), but I'm sure they won't mind.  They are very lucky to live right on the edge of the New Forest so they can train on similar terrain regularly.

Even Remi is loving the running in his Hi Viz!

I hope the weather is kind to you, have a great weekend.



  1. Your throw looks beautiful and Tullamore Dew (a whiskey fan?) looks poised for action with one ear cocked. Tullamore is our favourite tipple :-)

    1. I could swear I have a picture of her somewhere under the town sign in Ireland but I can't find it anywhere!!!

  2. Loving the throw, but having serious doubts about E and M's sanity!!!

  3. Lol, you’re not the only one!! Mind you if they can do it in this weather....


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