Friday, 19 December 2014

And the Year Comes Round Again

Christmas is just about upon us. Again!  I'm always amazed I'm still here spouting whatever it is I think of and I still have lovely people reply.  It was about now in 2009 that I started moving my blog, then with Live, over to Blogger.  I've resisted the urge to move again to Wordpress as the first move was traumatic enough and took until the March before I had it straight!  Blogger does what it says on the tin well enough for me.

This past week or two I have been making a mixed bag.  Or perhaps that should be UN making.  I started the quilting on the Ricky Tims Lady of Shalott and didn't like what I was seeing.  Of course I carried on and still didn't like it.  Eventually I stopped, stuck it up on the design wall and lived with it. (No pictures, it was that bad).  When Elsa came around I told her what I thought of it and she agreed so I then spent three days un picking very dense free motion vermicelli.  Argh!! Next time my gut kicks my head I will listen!!!

I also finished-ISH the Compendium! (15 inches tall).

I love working in Papier Mache and scoot back to it to satisfy my urge to build quite a bit.

It's amazing what you can create really.

I did take an idea or two from the latest WOW with Kate Crossley, loved the adding scrim to the walls.

There are plenty on niches to fill still but I want to do this one more slowly.

I bought a huge box of broken clocks and there was this tiny little cuckoo in there and he's finally found a home.

Lots of fun and plenty to look at.

I also have a power unit that needed a cover so I found some pieces of chiffon and felt.

Wove them together...

Passed them under the embellisher quite lightly...

And started stitching...

Added a bit of beading...
 Not forgetting the pouch on the back for the attachments...
  and a functional piece was finished.

Now as usual time seems to be marching on at a rather brisk pace, except when it comes to Natural England who are really being a pain about the bats, and the year is just coming to a close.  I'm not sure that I will be fitting in another post before we turn the page so, if not, have a

Happy, Healthy and Wonderful 
Christmas and New Year.

Even Ruger, Tully and Ellie would like to get in on the act with their posh, new collar covers.  

John has just opened a bottle of something bubbly and the lamb is nearly cooked so bye for now! xx


  1. Lovely holiday post. I'm so intrigued with your little case. I never would have guessed felting those woven strips would have produced such an interesting design. And the dogs - I always enjoy seeing the dogs!

  2. Your case is gorgeous - so vibrant. Love the pic of the dogs - always brings a smile to my face.

  3. I'm fascinated by your compendium it's amazing. Have a Wonderful Christmas and A Happy Healthy New Year!

  4. LOVE the woven embroidered beaded case!

  5. I love your tower - it is rather lovely. Bit of 3d paper mâché for me in the new year perhaps.

  6. I love your cabinet of curiosities! Happy Christmas to you and yours!

  7. The compendium is amazing - I love the idea of something like that, but would struggle with where to start! It looks fab! The cover looks great too, what a great method! Fingers crossed the bats bugger off soon! Xxx

  8. Your cabinet is fascinating and I love the little cuckoo, what a find! I hopep you have a very enjoyable Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  9. The compendium looks really effective and I love the stitching on the cover. Hope you had a good Christmas and that 2015 is happy, healthy and filled with creativity.


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