Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Use to Progress

I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas!  We had a lovely time with Elsa, Mike, Olivia and Remi.

I heard from the elves that there was no Fairy on top of Olivia's tree.  Every little girl has to have a fairy!

I hope she manages to grant Olivia some of her wishes at future Christmas'.

And of course she had to have her first stocking.

I think she was happy.

I also made some felted robins but I can't find a picture, but I did photograph this little adage sun I made for them.

*Edit* a picture of one of the Robins sent to me by Elsa!!

Bacon butties on Boxing day.

Even the dogs had their own party online with their other Pointer pals.  Ruger and Ellie had to dress up for the 12 days of Christmas doing the 5 Gold Rings part.  Ellie insisted on gold bones though.

She did look rather pretty for the big 'Do' later that evening.  Ruger and Tully fell asleep.

I have been thinking back over the year and realising I have discovered a few things.  I've learned that I don't have to do everything.  I have turned my hand to most things but now I must step back and appreciate the work of others who can do it better and enjoy that instead.  After my holiday to France I truly did understand this.  Though I like the work of those around me, I don't have to do it myself, for myself or to prove to others that I can do it. I can own assemblage art pieces that others make, it's ok, I am not a failure if I haven't made it myself.  I am allowed to buy handmade felt, yes I can make it but I don't enjoy making it, it hurts! Giving myself a break has really opened my eyes and I'm enjoying it.

Another thing I also came to realise is the difference between being able to create art and being an artist.  A couple of years ago I was asked why do I bother doing paintings like this, why not just frame a photograph?

There were a few other comments, I was so taken aback by them that I  literally stopped painting. I went on and did the Art Weeks and my paintings were admired and, infact, this one eventually went into a charity auction to raise funds for Wessex Autism, something I'm quite proud of.

Anyway zoom forward a few months and I was at a gallery opening with some beautifully drawn pieces of art, exceptionally high quality that I would have been honoured to own.  I was chatting to a friend I met there and he said that yes he liked them too but without going up to them he couldn't tell who had drawn which as they were all so lifelike, there was no artists individuality in them.

Big bell went off in my head. There were quite a few other artist friends there and I looked around and thought, yes actually I would be able to pick out that painters work if I saw it in a show, or that one's work in fact quite a few of them.  They were all artists of their own style not just able to copy an image.  And I suppose when we visit a gallery it is the individual style of an artist we first see and like/dislike, their interpretation of what they are seeing and not a photographic likeness.

Each year I have been choosing a word to try and work by.  Last year my word was USE.  It worked for me.  I thought twice before buying anything to see if I had something I could use instead and I tried using my time better. I like having just the word to stick to rather than a whole lot of promises to break.

For 2015 I am going to choose the word:


I want to go further in my education and I want to progress further in my own art.  I have a slightly different view of things now having had the experiences of this year.

I hope my ramblings make sense!  I feel better having put it all down in words anyway.

I hope you all have a good New Year.  Be healthy, happy and creative and maybe look for a few eye opening moments too.

See you in 2015!


  1. I love your painting, how unkind and ignorant some folks are. A painting is not a photo. My husband paints from pictures he's taken and is sometimes concerned that his painting doesn't look exactly like the picture and I remind him that it shouldn't. A painting should reflect the artist's style.

  2. Progress - I like that. Progress and grow . Happy new year.

  3. Christmas looks fun! I think we all have our own tastes in art as in food and clothing. If I wanted a kingfisher on the wall I would be happy with a lifelike painting or a photo, but my real preference would be for one that was the work of soneone I knew! Or if I was buying a hand made leather bag I would buy the one being finished while I was in the workshop - it's loveiy to know the who or where of when of hand crafted things!

  4. What fabulous photos. Olivia looks so happy and Ellie vey dignified inher bow and pearls. You painting is fabulous so best wishes in doing what you want to do in 2015. Happy new year!

  5. What lovely things you made for Christmas and happy dogs too.

    I enjoyed reading your reflections and am glad that you gained so much insight from them. Your profile info states 'I am constantly looking for the road I am supposed to be on and maybe, one day, I will find a direction.' I think that you have just taken a huge step onto that road and I look forward to following your journey.

  6. Yes, your ramblings make perfect sense. You've learned valuable lessons and can now take that knowledge into the new year and focus rather than be distracted or guilt ridden when you need not be. Boy, is it easy to beat ourselves up over perceived failings when actually it's just being smart (like your decision to use felt made by someone else). Progress is a great word for the year. I've had a few lightbulb moments myself recently that I hope to remember as I carry on with my work, figure out what direction to take.

    Oh my, the bow and pearls on the dog is TOO MUCH! Just love it! Happy New Year, Happy Creating, Happy Dog Dressing Up!

  7. So much food for thought in this post. Such a shame that some idiot put you off painting for some time. Some people just don't understand the integral role of art in our lives. Photos have their place, but a picture (or other piece of art) is so much more! Have you read The Artistic Ape by Desmond Morris? It's a fascinating insight into the why and necessity of art.


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