Friday, 2 January 2015

Now What Do You Suppose...

Happy New Year!

One of my best, in fact probably the best, present I received for Christmas was these.

I had been looking for some kind of swivel turntable base for the compendium tower and was becoming quite frustrated.  Elsa and Mike were visiting and Mike wondered if some old bearings would work.  I thought they might but I had to wait a while.  They appeared just before Christmas and they are perfect!

I made the casing for them.

Inserted the bearing...

and after a lick of paint it works beautifully!  I bet there's not many compendiums out there who can boast of Gazelle tail rotor bearings in their bases! Recycling extreme!

I'm still gradually adding to the spaces and I made up a whole load of small pages for one section.

 Turned them into little books.

And they fit just about perfectly. 

I'm off to drool over my Christmas present to myself.

I hope you've all recovered from whatever celebrations you've had and are now settling back into reality!


  1. I love the little book. I would love to be able to see your fabulous cabinet up close!

  2. Oh, oh, oh!!! Getting very excited about your compendium tower. And the little handmade books to go in the tower.

    I think that I too need to start on a Cabinet of Curiosities!

  3. That really is looking fab! I've seen a few of these at festival of quilts (2 were 3D and one was a wall hanging) they really are amazing! I so want to reach in and touch yours!!!!

  4. What an amazing solution. Love those little books


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