Saturday, 30 May 2015

A Little Bit of Sunshine

Thank you all so much for the messages on here and by email.  You're all lovely.  I hope I replied to everyone but the brain has been a little foggy.  This week hasn't been fun but it's gone and we now move on.  

I've not been too much in the mood for making things so I thought I'd go around the garden instead which always cheers me up.  When we moved in ten years ago it was more or less a field with some tree stumps in it! We spent the best part of four years fiddling, planting, digging, building and setting it up.  Well now it is virtually self caring with a few tweaks each week by John and Brian, I just do the directing. 

We lost a rather tender Solanum jasminoides alba on the pergola after it's second year but replaced it with it's more common purple brother which took off.  This year it's looking wonderful. 

I think the cardoons are aiming to take over this year too.  

This is Tully Doo 2 who always smiles rain or shine. 

The acer Crimson King on the right was almost up to my chin when I put it in in 2008 and it's now over 20 feet glowing in the sunshine.

We put the rose ropes in to help disguise the greenhouse and they are just starting to look, and smell, fabulous. 

There's always plenty of room for doggy playtime. 

The build is starting to show shape.  All the what were ceiling joists had to be replaced with flooring ones and, as the space is 35 x 14 feet that took some time.  Most of the walls have gone up, the steels are in and the roofing joists are just beginning to grow.  A tricky job as three roofs have to meet and the old one across the middle of the photo behind the chimney is far from square! Andy the builder has the patience of a saint. The worst of it is now done and hopefully the rest should, should be plain sailing. 

The security lights come on when the dogs trip the sensors.  Do you think they can see us from outer space?  

Last weekend we had a fabulous walk out with Pointer doggy friends.  14 Pointers and 3 wannabes!! It was wonderful and they all were beautifully behaved.  

One of the ladies took a quick snap of me and Ellie when were were having lunch in the pub afterwards.  A very, very rare event me being on the other side of the camera! I look a bit windblown though. 

(PS You can't see the grey but it's coming along quite well.  About 1.5 inches showing now and I've just had 4 inches cut off).

Summer is trying hard to arrive but Spring just won't let go yet, still a little chilly.  I hope you have a good weekend.


  1. You're looking great! Garden's not bad either!

  2. Garden's looking fab, and so are you - light pollution is quite something! Xxx

  3. The garden is looking great . Can't see any grey there.

  4. Your garden is lovely I do miss my garden since moving into a unit with only pot plants to look after.
    If you are on facebook have a look at Wag the Dog page Or Ali Barclay She has three wonderful dogs.


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