Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Fergus and Finishes.

I've managed some good finishes this past week.  

Meet Fergus! Yesterday I put the final pieces of his fishing rod together.  

He looks rather proud of himself! 

His snazzy little hat.

 The fishing creel has his catch of the morning all safe to take home.

Don't they look a yummy pair of trout?

I also put the dragon bag together.

 Sorry for the dreadful photos, it's really dark outside even at lunchtime.

Just a bit of the scale work done. 

I put the button on this this morning so that's gone off to Olivia now. 

We had an interesting couple of visitors the other day.  a pair of French Partridge. 

There have been plenty of pheasants but we have only had a partridge once before.  They were being very nosey.  Pretty little things aren't they.  

And Ruger and Ellie say enough of the building work, how about us!  This is with their friend Ruby who we went for a walk with the other day. Tully was still rooting around in the undergrowth for mice.

Have a great week! 


  1. Golly, and maybe a bit of a daft question, but did you do Fergus? And his trout? He is brilliant. I love the basket.

    1. Yes, every square inch of him. The trout are polymer clay and the creel pipe cleaners and parcel string.

  2. Fergus my dear, you look wonderful! (How is the house coming along)

  3. Love Fergus's bag & his fish! Beautiful bag made from the Lisa Walton class, too,must look her up. The rust dyeing worked out really well.

  4. Your attention to detail is breathtaking - Fergus is an absolute charmer :-)

    Daisy would agree with Ruger and Ellie - building work is boring, long walks are better.


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