Thursday, 21 May 2015


I have made something totally whimsical just because I can.  I layered some of the nails I used for rusting between some white cotton and silk and stitched merrily away. 

It's about 12 inches square.  Lots of different types of nails.

I know the silk will probably rot from the rusting so I added a few extra stitches to secure them. 

Echoing the lines was quite theraputic, almost like a raked Japanese garden.  And the rust is starting to let itself be known.  A naturally growing piece of art. 

Well, what a few weeks.  I've been suffering with being so exhausted and huge waves of depression lately. Normally I manage to battle through but this was getting silly so off to the docs I went.  The tiredness is down to me being anaemic yet again so I'm in hospital next week for more checks.

The depression?  As it's been quite a few years since I've had a bout as bad as this and it could be a number of things but probably an accumulation of all of them. The delays and fighting constantly with officialdom just to try and get simple things done.  Even this week they've lost yet another load of files and this morning (the 21st May) we had a letter assuring us we would have our decision by 11th May!  Oh joy. The build is very wearing, we live in constant gloom and dust. Bathroom planning is proving to be tiresome with me having to change the plans several times to actually fit the space and they, those who know it all in the showroom, still don't 'get' it. The weather refuses to warm up and I'm usually dressed like I'm going on an arctic expedition, another anemia side effect. Obstacles are raining down on us with the trip to Australia least of which the workshop I was booked on, and the whole reason for the trip, was cancelled let alone the constant changes to the itinerary we've had to look into and adjust everything too and the timing with the build delays is not too good now.  There are also a few issues with work involving solicitors that is dragging and we all know the only winners are the actual solicitors! Why can't people be logical, sensible and just do things properly!!! 

My coursework has been sitting on my desk for three weeks and I've been forcing myself through it, it should have only taken a couple of days to my mind but it's my mind that's not absorbing the directions or any input enough to create anything. Today after a big three day push I've managed to send it off.  I couldn't even tell you if it's right but it's gone, out of my hair and I can have a few days grace to do some things I want to do or nothing at all if I wish. 

So, that's all off my chest and I can hear John cooking dinner so I'd better go and join him. 

Have a great week end.  Yet another long one!! 


  1. Oh, for all your tribulations you still manage to show us something intriguing with your art exploration. The layout of the nails really appeals to me & it will be interesting to see how it changes over time. That kind of quilting also appeals to me, both visually & in the doing. I find it similarly relaxing & meditative.

    I can empathize with that exhaustion & fogginess of mind although mine is from something quite different from yours. Not surprising depression would be part of it even if you didn't have the construction woes to deal with. Glad you checked in with the doc & are/will be getting help. Sending a hug!

  2. Sheila has just said it all very eloquently. Anaemia is horrid. You need warm sun on your back - and we had a hint of that yesterday evening.

    I feel tired too. Not as bad as you, but could happily turn a 3 day weekend into a 4 day one. But hey ho, day job calls!

    Intrigued by the stitching. One to revisit in a year or so.

  3. Wishing you a good weekend and hope things get moving soon and you feel better.x

  4. Really hope things pick up for you soon and the various trials and tribulations sort themselves out x. Love the look of your rusted piece - lovely stitching.

  5. I do hope that things start to improve soon, both in your dealings with bureaucracy and your health. It will be interesting to see how the rusted piece evolves over time.

  6. Oh Amo I am sorry to hear that stuff isn't going well, sending you a virtual hug xxxx

  7. That can't be easy stitching cloth with nails in! It looks good. I really hope things improve for you soon and you feel better.

  8. I wrote a whole comment and blogger ate it so I'll try again. You certainly have your plate full Amanda and it's not surprising that you are feeling the strain both mentally and physically. I always find it difficult to have builders in, even for small jobs, so I can imagine how stressful it's all been. Anaemia will be making it all so much harder for you but hopefully the hospital will get to the bottom of it and you will have a bit more energy for your challenges. Look after yourself and maybe some more rusty stitching will help to take your mind off things.

  9. Love your rusty stitching what a great idea. Sorry to hear about all your trials and tribulations, and hope it has helped you to get it all off your chest. The rules and regulations are made by people who dont live in the real world I think. Good luck with the build, and everything else.


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