Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A Use for Those Fabrics

Busy, busy couple of weeks!  But I have managed to put some of the eco dyed and rusted fabrics to use.

I knew I wanted to do another doll or two but something completely different to my usual.  I put out all my doll part patterns, Jan Horrox, Patti Culea etc and a few of my own modified ones and did a mix and match.  

I had been looking at using some ordinary cotton I had tea dyed some time ago but the bag of eco rusty bits kept catching my eye! I really enjoyed sewing in a much lighter weight fabric too. 

Rather than clothe them and hide all the marks that were dyed into the cloth I oversewed some patterns and added a bit of lace and beading. 

The hair is ramie (above) and from a ball of wool I've had for some time with a long staple (below)

I'm fairly pleased with them as experimental but there are still a few tweaks I'd like to do to the pattern parts and definitely the faces.  I liked the mix and match of the fabrics, and that it is using them up, and that they're not actually clothed. 

Talking of a state of undress we have our top off last week!!! Huge celebrations!

We have daylight, air and even a bit of warmth and we can light the fires!! Bliss. A fair bit of the scaffold has come down and is now around another part of the house while they sort that roof out but it's so nice to see out even if it's through the remnants of poles! 

Not a bad view from the bedroom.

And with the windows open... The new View From Our Hill. 

I did take the heading photo some time ago from the scaffolding but it's just as good from the bedroom. 

This past week we've had a lot of painting done and the wardrobes and bedroom furniture fitted.  The house is starting to stay cleaner longer between! The carpets are in on Thursday and the bed surround and divans arrive next week.  I doubt we will be able to move in then but it certainly isn't far off.  

I had a consultant appointment on Saturday and he wasn't very happy with my blood levels especially iron.  He's upped my dosage and if it hasn't improved in three months I'm back in the hospital for a total dose infusion of iron. Lots of greens and red meat on the menu then!! I will hopefully have enough energy to take me around Ally Pally this year though.  So looking forward to that. 

We had a lovely visit on Sunday from someone who is growing up very fast!  

I hope you all have a great week.  


  1. The dolls are amazing, they need a much better noun! Loveky to see your top is coming off, but not so good about your health - look after yourself! Xxx

  2. Lovely blog. Your dolls are super. I have a friend who makes dolls, always fantastically dressed. I like the restrained way you have finished yours. Last photo is very sweet


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