Monday, 14 September 2015

A Finish for some Desk Space!

Well I managed to over do the painting on Saturday and tum started to protest so John insisted I stay in the studio on Sunday.  (You didn't hear me complain!!)  At the moment I can't see my desk.  There's been far too much dashing in and out and not enough production so things have been dumped.  I thought I'd better try and finish a few bits and tidy up.  

I sent off for a kit being sold by Workshop on the Web to go along with one of it's articles by Lynda Monk.  It was using a thermofax screen.  I've never had one before and just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  I liked the process, no I won't be buying a machine, and enjoyed making some leaves. 

These are them painted up pre adding a bit of gold. 

I then stitched them to a wreath I had sprayed into Autumn colours and wrapped with a bit of sparkley yarn. 

I stitched out some extra leaves onto wash away stabiliser.

When washing out the goo I left some in so they would hold their shape when I pinned them out to dry. 

The oak ones were paired up and some wooden beads added.

I then stitched the lot to the wreath adding more beads as I went.  I was after a woodland floor effect.

I think there needs to be a bit more of a contrast somewhere but for now it is hanging out in the porch and I have a clear space on my desk!  Only a miniscule one though. 

Photos are larger when you click.


  1. I guess any space is better then no space!! Moss and dew drops to give a bit of contrast possibly? Just come here from Julie's blog and loving your work!

    1. Thanks Alex. I have replied via your email in but you are set as a no reply blogger. Good idea about the dewdrops!

  2. Does this mean you used the embroidery machine? Yay!!!! We did some thermofax screen printing at the Richmond & Kew quilters on Monday. I have a few of their designs, but we had a dozen or so to play with and lots of different colour paints, but we just printed on fabric, how did you get the 3D shapes?

  3. Great effect with the leaves and they look so effective as a wreath.


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