Saturday, 12 September 2015

Running Fast to Stand Still

Thank you for comments and messages on That Was a Week That Was a few weeks ago.  I hope I managed to reply to you all.  I'm sure you can imagine things were a little squiffy for a bit!  I am now feeling ok and will soon be having more tests for the anemia etc.

The build is going superbly well now.  All the underneath stuff has just about been done and there has been some paint put on!  Whooo!! 

Family Bathroom waiting for the next stage.

We have finally moved back into the sitting room and also gained back the family room and a spare room because of it.  That means downstairs is just about there.  

Our en suite and steps up to our bedroom.

Tiles should be going in the bathrooms next week (oh to have a decent bath, something I didn't even manage in Australia!!) and the week after the plastic cover comes off so the scaffolding can be rearranged to do the other side of the roof.  I can't wait to have some proper daylight back in the house!! 

Our wonderful, huge new bedroom finally with windows in it.  John is just titivating the windowsill which hides the TV.  That will rise up in front of the window at the push of a button so it is out of sight most of the time. 

We will also be allowed to light the woodburners then too and perhaps feel warm again. 

We have been very busy with the house and there has been very little time for creating anything artistic.  I have managed to play a little with some of my rusted and eco printed fabrics.  I'm trying to get into the mindset of using these things once I have made them!  One thing I did see in Broome market was a couple of stalls selling eco printed and dyed clothing.  Couldn't believe it.  All rather lovely and I wish I had spent a little more time looking and perhaps buying too. 

Very exciting to see The Quilter magazine arrive this week.  It had the FoQ results in and I'm in it!! 

I had entered Dragon's Ho! in the Art Quilts and, because I was going to be away, I asked Julie of Mixed Media if she would be so kind to photograph it in situ for me.  What a surprise when I received the photo!! 

I was really blown away! 

I was so excited to see it when I returned home.  The judges, Frances McArthur and Linda Seward, had left phenomenal comments and they both gave me 100% Excellent. Only down side is there was absolutely nothing to say that it had won a HC in the parcel. Of course online there is only ever mention of the ones that win 1st place, not even 2nd's or 3rd's get a mention let alone a HC.  I cannot thank Julie enough for taking the picture as otherwise I would really have no idea that it had won anything at all.  

I recently managed to pick this little lady up for an absolute song. 

It had to come from France mind but even adding the £25 postage it was still very cheap compared to what I have seen over here. She's very elegant and beautifully proportioned.  I had been looking at a wasp waist but I thought if I did make something it would be nice if it were actually of a size that someone could possibly wear.  If you've seen the wasp waisted ones you will know what I mean! Don't hold your breath waiting for something to be made though, the house is still first!! 

Finally this week we had the delight of officially welcoming this gorgeous girl into the family. 

Her name is Willow and she is 2 years old.  She's been passed pillar to post a bit in her short life and we fell in love with her.  We were over the moon when our friend let us 'borrow' her for a couple of weeks to see if she would fit in which, of course, she did with no problems.  She now has stability, room, companions and of course our absolute devotion along with the others! 

This week I really, really am going to put my foot down and find some time to go into the studio!  I'm starting to feel fractious.  I have the open studios in the new year and a couple of other showing events to try and find something to put together.  I have also been asked to show at a local gallery with three others in 2017.  A long way off you may think but you know how long textiles take!! Roll on the last nail being hit, the last tile being stuck into place and the last bit of carpet being laid! 

Me peering around the brolly at a recent Dorset Artists barbeque we had at Sculpture By the Lakes thanks to Sarah Broome for taking the photo. 

Have a great weekend! 


  1. Oh, my gosh! Your quilt is beyond gorgeous!!! Willow looks like a real sweetie, a most welcome addition I'm sure.

  2. Willow is a beauty and your quilt is too, and your home is coming together.

  3. My what a lot of wonderful news in this post! The new furry child is beautiful, and while I can't imagine having that many lovelies underfoot and then adding another, you obviously have the space and the wherewithal to give her a home. Makes me smile.

    And of course, congrats on that win! And great that you have the judges comments as well. It IS quite a spectacular quilt.

  4. It was great to see your dragon with its commendation. Well done, it showed well. How beautiful Willow is and I'm sure that she's going to be very happy as part of your family.

  5. So pleased the house is getting more habitable rather than less! Willow looks gorgeous! Congrats on the highly commended! Xx

  6. Congratulations on the quilt! I can see why it won an award. Well done.


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