Sunday, 4 February 2018

It's Being Used!

The huge piece is being added to and my little pile of empty thread winders and covers is growing. It may not seem much but it is to me! 

The piece itself has had lots of stuff added to embed the plastic canvas pieces in.  

At the moment it's far too busy and needs some calming measures! I will work on it.  

The village we live in has Iron Age roots.  This has been extensively explored and dug by the local architects and university over the years and there are a few papers on it all. This field in front of the house (to the right in my header banner)

and this one to the rear

Both had Iron Age villages in them.  This is the rear field and if you know what you're looking for you can see the outline of the enclosure and pens. 

I have been gathering information on what I open my curtains and look out on over the past couple of years and decided it's about time I put something together!  According to the finds the villages were of high status foundry works. Lots and lots of metalwork for farm implements but also a large quantity of wagon and chariot fittings as well as weapons.  All, to me, fascinating stuff!  So, that is what I'm trying to put together in the piece up above.  

The plastic canvas pieces are supposed to represent a sword sheath and shield boss.  The rest of the mayhem is the concealing earth.  The only downside of the piece is it's size at 24 inches square!  It's certainly going to be a show stopper!  I now remember why doing  small work is a good idea.  The other ideas in my head, and even in my notebook, will be on a much smaller scale. 

I have still been falling asleep at silly times and feeling like a limp dishrag most of the time.  Yesterday I spent the day in the hospital where I finally had the Iron transfusion. 

I was hoping to feel better instantly but no, the effects can take 10 - 14 days to start being noticed.  At least it's in me and working now! 

I did put together a pile of pin cushions for the up coming Open Studios.  

I have found that most people would like to buy something from you even if they can't afford the larger pieces and these, and a few books I'm hoping to make, fit the bill!! 

This week I also had a delivery from Ikea. I found these hanging pots for my Ikea trolleys. 

Not really what they're meant for but the small ones were only 50p so how could I say no, and they're not that small either. 

I've been almost having a bit of a clear out when I've felt a bit more energetic and I hope these will help my sort the stuff better! 

My two nurses have been wonderful looking after me this week but they're all demanding lunch now. 

Have a great week!! 


  1. Nothing like some crafting to lift our thoughts from health problems. How fascinating about your village.
    Can't wait to watch the progress on your piece.
    I know what you mean about smaller pieces. My husband sells far more small paintings for just that reason.

  2. That piece is going to be amazing!! Fascinating info about your village: archaeologists (working ahead of diggers sadly) found evidence of Neolithic dwellings less than a mile from us! 5000 years ago when the uk population would have been about 10000!!! Hope each day is a bit better than the one before, and enjoy getting sorted in the Ikea pots. I use them for pens and scissors etc brian uses them on the van with all sorts of useful things!!!

  3. Your nurses look very dedicated and I like how you are learning about the Iron Age history in your area and creating art work related to it. I love the TV show The Detectorists, have you seen it? The 2 guys are so funny and devoted to finding treasure in England using their metal detectors.


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