Tuesday, 8 May 2018

We've Been Away!

We've been on a dogliday with the girls!  Ruger and Tully were looked after by a friend as their age doesn't agree with sitting for long hours in a car and romping around big beaches any more.  So sad. 

The girls enjoyed themselves though! 

They explored rock pools for ages!  It was hard to see them in amongst the weed a lot of the time.  

And then there was the big, sandy beach too. 

John even found me a dolphin skeleton which he refused to let me bring home!  I was still a little juicy in areas though.  

We even had a day up on Dartmoor though it was a bit blustery and sometimes wet. 

We managed to really up our stepcount but I would really have loved to put a counter on one of the dogs!! They did not stay still for long at all!! 

I took Mandala Madness with me and managed another few rounds.  

Now I'm home I've also caught up with most of Cosmic.  A new part is released today.

I've also put together another set of cards.  These were very popular at the last Art Weeks.

Other than that we had the pub's Spring festival yesterday and Iwas there all day serving ale and cider.  It was a hot one but much fun.  We're off on a long dog walk now before the heat gets too much.

Have a lovely week!! 

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  1. Dogs inspire you to get out and move. Our cat on the other hand inspires us to cuddle up on the couch and snooze.


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