Thursday, 12 May 2011

Another Finish

At last I managed to drag this quilt away from Tully and put the binding on.  It was a BOM from Just Hands On TV designed by Jennie Rayment.

For some reason Tully fell in love with this quilt probably because it's black and she is very small and white and always managed to wiggle her way into it and fall asleep.  It has taken me ages to remove all the fur and put it back into a just about presentable condition.  She even tried dragging it off my lap the other day when I was doing a last piece of handquilting.  Still, it is now finished and hanging where she can't squirm into it and make it furry again.  I have named it 'Tucked Up Tully' though.

And just in case you were concerned that one of our dogs would be quiltless, I have donated another one to her patch on the sofa.  She is breaking it in gently.

The Mistress of all she can wiggle into.



  1. Great quilt! I can see why Tully loves it so!

  2. Oh just gorgeous pic of Tully, no wonder she loves the quilt, it looks great.

  3. Nice one. Lots of twiddling and tucks no doubt as it's a Jennie Rayment design. Glad Tully wasn't neglected.

  4. the quilt is beautiful, and Tully is gorgeous..i just laughed at the antics you described.

  5. What a sweetheart - a quilt is not a quilt unless it has a dog in it!


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