Friday, 27 May 2011

Home Again

Just some pictures from Giverny.  We were told that Monday was the quiet day to visit.  I'd hate to be there when it was busy is all I can say.  I think Mondays were also school visit days and the noise from small voices was tremendous.

If I have one memory to bring home it would be the smell.  All the roses and honeysuckle were out and the air was filled with their perfume.

We didn't even try to enter the house as it was so full of children but the weather was wonderful and the flowers were doing their thing and we enjoyed the journey there and back again.

I haven't gained weight even after all the cheese and wine so I've done a little happy dance.  Lots of catching up to do now.



  1. Welcome home! Nice pic's so thanks for sharing them with us! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing all the pics of your trip, welcome home. They do so that it is smell that creates the most vivid memories for us so you should have plenty to look back on.

  3. What beautiful photographs! Jacky and Steph x

  4. Beautiful pictures! I have never been to Giverny but absolutely needt to go there one day! I think it is so amazing that you can take pictures there that look exactly like Monet's paintings... Thanks for sharing
    Oh by the way, I am Tina from Germany and anew "follower" of your blog :-)


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