Monday, 16 May 2011

Another Industrious Weekend.

I pottered around with the Annette Emms Pixie Boot pattern in the recent Stitch magazine.  I can see that one could become very carried away with these!

I have also made a three pocket pouch for the suitcase.  I have several of these patterns but just needed plain pockets for First aid, pain killers and the spare regular pills for when we go away so I gathered the basics and made my own.  It saves having to hunt around for those things that make life a little more comfortable when away from home.

One of the patterns I brought back from Spain for Elsa, she also wanted to slightly adapt hers to suit her uses for sewing.  She is over the moon with it.  The ribbon is for threading reels on and she had pinned the binding in place on the front just for the photo so she could take it home to finish it.  We may not be bank of mum and dad but we certainly have the craft supplies depot!!!

After Blogger's major mess up last week, I still have some comments missing from the previous post.  I'm sure we have all been affected by it a little but if you weren't, it wasn't me who deleted the posts!! They still may turn up one day.

Over the past ten years or so we have casually seen the Red Kite population slowly move south.  The last time I saw one in England it was not far south of Newbury.  We heard last year from a local farmer that they had been seen on the Cranborne Chase just north of us so we knew they were coming.  On Saturday it was quite a surprise to see one on road kill not far from our village.  They finally made it back down south.

Have a great week!



  1. I did wonder what happened top my last comment about Tully - hadn't realised it was Blogger. Saw Annette Emms at the Uttoxeter show, her stuff was really lovely, and plenty of pixie boots there. Lovely pouches and I am so envious of you with the red kites. I believe one may have been seen over Carsington Water so there is hope for this neck of the woods yet.

  2. What lovely things you have made! My little friend Andrea (she will be 9 next month) calls my sewing room the craft store!

  3. Lovely little pixie boots - and I like the pouches. We have a few red kites here around Lechlade - lots around Didcot where my daughter lives.

  4. I love the pouches, just the job! The story of the Red Kites is a fantastic success. They are moving eastwards too and we are now seeing them in our part of Lincolnshire. They are wonderful birds.

  5. The pouches look great! I must admit that the pixie boots are on my list of 'things to do', as they are quite gorgeous!

  6. Yes I like the pouches too. I wish I could be a bit more organised with my packing, maybe that's what I need.


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