Monday, 9 May 2011

I Really Can't Abide Christmas Out of Season, But...

Elsa really liked the book I bought back from Spain and she is wanting to make as many of her Christmas things as possible as it's her first Christmas with Mike in their own home.  I had to give in a little on Saturday and we made a set of these ornaments each.

They were quite fun and easy even if  I was grinding my teeth a little!! I'm not sure If I will be keeping mine or putting them aside for gifts.  For now they can go in the box these things hide in so I don't have to see them and then they will be a nice surprise when I find them again after November. lol

I was being watched in my room the other day by this young blackbird.  I was also being watched very carefully by mum too.   

And well done Benta over at Slik Stitches who is today's guest blogger on Stash Manicure!   Go and see how to make her clever little bag.



  1. Ha ha, I couldn't believe it when I saw Christmassy things in my blog updates! Lovely little ornaments.
    I love the blackbird too, they are so sweet with their little baby faces.

  2. Love the Christmassy decorations, is Elsa one of these who has done all the shopping, and got it all wrapped too?

    Thanks for the plug :-).


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