Saturday, 30 April 2011

A Bit of Beading

I have lived with a bear with a sore head all week, just because of a certain wedding.  It was strange though that as soon as I said, 'look at the lovely colour of that Bentley,' every car was scrutinised from start to finish. There was of course the possibility that one may drive down the aisle so the ceremony had to be watched too, just in case.

Like everyone, we think it was the most fabulous wedding and we all enjoyed watching it and that dress was just so perfect.

So today Elsa and I did some beading to just relax and play and had a good natter about her and Mike's own wedding.  (I have told them that we are not using Westminster Abbey or flying them off the lawn in a helicopter).

A few months ago Shirley over at Stitcherydo made a thimble keeper and I thought it was a fabulous idea.  I don't really like flushing mine down the loo or losing it in the dinner as I like wearing one a lot.  I found a book called Thimble Catchers and after a little reading we made our own versions.

Really pleased with them and I'm sure they will be well used.  Just off to have dinner and then I'm reading through the next C&G Module for a little evening entertainment.

Have a lovely long weekend, again!



  1. Well now, I am impressed and very flattered. I am interested to know details of the book you have. Did you use a thimble form. I have one but have never seen one on sale anywhere other than the workshop I did many moons ago. Wasn't the dress divine and such a lovely spectacle yesterday. Makes one glad to be a Brit for a change.
    Love and respect.

  2. None of my lot wanted to watch, so I reckoned we'd just have it on in the background, but by the time we saw The Kiss, I had husband, two daughters, two boyfriends, a nephew and a great niece all sat watching!!!

    I love the thimble catchers, I can never find a thimble!

  3. Your thimble catchers are lovely.
    We watched the wedding from beginning to end, and had a tea party with champagne, crustless sandwiches, cakes, china wear and scones and jam, it was a wonderful day and I think it made everyone happy, which is what the world needs at the moment. Kate and her sister both looked stunning, and I hope they have a lifetime of happiness together.

  4. I can relate to so much of that! My hubs perked up as soon as he saw the Lancaster etc doing the flyover, and again when he saw the Aston Martin. Men! The thimble keepers look like a great idea. I've tried many ways to keep mine safe but I still keep losing them.

  5. It was a lovely wedding, and worth getting up early for! Princess Catherine is going to be definite good change for the royals! And I loved the dress! Good job to those needleworkers!

  6. I enjoyed the wedding hugely -- beautiful bride, stunning dress - all that lace, she looked very elegant, as did her Mum and sister!


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