Sunday, 17 April 2011

Bore Alert

Home now and back to a comfortable mattress and squishy pillow.  Just a quick post with a few pictures. Nothing too heavy so you can yawn later!!! 

Our first inspection by a Short Toed Eagle.

A packhorse bridge that, along with others down the gorge, just seemed to lead right into the cliff face (to the right).  Makes you wonder how different the landscape was when it was built.

The first escarpment in the distance we would have to cross.  The village on the hill was deserted and it had the most fantastic view over the Embalse (reservoir) de Yesa.

Spain seems to be on a continuous road build mission.  The one below still needs a little work to be done. Actually they have some of the most fantasic roads, even in the remote places and the fact that you can see a car coming towards us was unusual for our trip.  We left Siguenza on Wednesday and it was an hour and a half before we actually saw another car.  It is still early season though.

One of the smallest daffs I've ever seen.

Once over the escarpment we drove around a bend in the road and saw this bluff.  Beyond that you can just see the snow topped mountains we would be crossing to reach our hotel for that night.  You can imagine the satnav picture looking like a child's scribbling most of the time.  John spent a lot of time grinning.

Another inspection by a Griffon Vulture.  It was amazing how many large birds could be supported over there, especially the opportunists like vultures.  There is about zero road kill due to lack of cars and live stock is not very plentiful.  Again it makes you think about the wildlife you can't ever see that is there as part of the food chain.

Some of the Neapolitan ice cream landscape.  And this was quite subtle compared to what we had driven through the day before.

If only the sky had been a little more purple and this would have been a perfect tertiary colour selection by Mother.  Then again She knows what She's doing and it still looks pretty good to me.

All menus were translated, some parts more successfully than others.  John had to have the 'colds more entertaining' just to find out of course.

Yesterday was the Brockenhurst Needlework Fiesta.  With the likes of Mulberry Silks, the Silk Route and Ario there I just had to have a splurge!  Enjoyable it was too.

We're catching up with family today, I hope you have a good Sunday too.



  1. What beautiful scenery. I LOVE those tiny daffodils. I wonder what kind they are?
    The menu looks hilarious, but their English is better than my Spanish, so I'm certainly not going to criticise the translation. I think I'd have had to take that menu with me as a souvenir!

  2. What fantastic scenery! Mother nature always puts on the best show! Glad you are home and safe!

  3. What lovely scenery - great pictures! I bet it's good to be home though! x

  4. Terrific pictures your trip was just one wonderful vista after another. Sounds like a trip you will remember for a long time.

  5. Beautiful scenery and terrific photos. Was 'The colds are more entertaining' a good choice.

  6. It was a lovely trip and that it was spring was a great bonus. Very quiet in the hotels but two of the first ones hadn't yet turned on the aircon as it wasn't busy enough yet even though the temperature was in the high 20's low 30's. And the views were wonderful and helped a lot by the fact that there was not much in the way of leaves on the trees yet.

    We do tend to just drive and drive on our holidays, we can't think of anything worse than beach/hotel sitting. It doesn't make for very easy painting and sketching though!

    The 'colds more entertaining' were four mini cones of ice cream stood in a slab of chocolate cake. Very nice apparently too.

  7. Wow what a gret post, I found it really interesting, the colours are amazing. Look forward to seeing some more!


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