Tuesday, 12 April 2011

And On and Up a Bit

First off sorry no pictures. No battery power and I didn't think of using the phone!

Today we passed through the last of the Ebro valley and it's 30 degree temperature and started back north and west along the very edge of the Iberian System which is the eastern boundary of the Meseta Central, the heart of Spain.

As we rose we must have seen every colour of soil available from the brightest white to the deepest burgundy maroon I have ever seen with every colour of orange, yellow and pink in-between. There were even folds in the earth where all the colours were together. It made Alum Bay on the Isle of Wight look very plain and boring. When we levelled off at about 4500 feet the temperature stayed at a very comfortable 17 degrees. Mind you it's 24 outside on our balcony at the moment but it's in a castle so the walls are very thick and cooling.

As it's spring everything is very fresh looking. Lots and lots of tree pruning going on, if it's a tree, it has an extreme prune! It also took us quite a long time to drive out of the olive groves. And yes they do taste wonderful.

I've been very impressed by their solar farms, much nicer to look at than the wind farms. And if you are a raptor fan, there are plenty of those too. We've seen at least two types of Kite, and very high up the Golden Eagle and Griffon Vultures and I did manage a picture of a Short Toed Eagle but I can't crop the picture on the iPad without it blurring so that will have to wait.

We found a fabulous quilt shop called Trozicos with three lovely ladies who spoke as much English as I do Spanish but we all spoke sewing. I bought the usual bits of this and that, I am a happy bunny.

I have the sketch book Maggi but it's had little airing. I will stand in the corner for a bit.

Mac n Janet, you maybe surprised how it's changed. I've read quite a bit about how dry it's becoming. It's still very beautiful and varied.

Lol Benta, I was looking the other way!!!

Were off to diner soon and tomorrow we cross the Duero Valley, we have done the Portuguese end a few times, it will be nice to see the smaller version.

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  1. So I see I have not been the only one traveling on the continent!

  2. We were in Southern Spain the last time we went, but Mac's family is from Macatera, a tiny town near Salamanca and it's always been dry there.
    His father's family is from some little town near Huelva.

  3. Don't you just love the technology that lets us enjoy your travels?! must get to grips with my new gadget ... happy wandering to you both!

  4. Sounds like you are are having a wonderful time. You can come out of the corner now.


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