Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Easter

What amazing weather!  Yesterday Elsa and I, (mostly Elsa) cleared up the vegetable patch at the top of the garden.  The onions and garlic are doing great, but that's it so far.  Mind you a false sense of summer security can be dangerous in the garden, we can still have frost in May so there's no hurry with beans etc yet. I must admit to still really, really struggling with the gardening and I am very cross as to where the enthusiasm has gone.  I am grateful that we spent five years turning the garden around and it now just needs mowing and tweaking and a few hours from the gardener each week, not watering or major replanting marathons.  Maybe that is part of the problem, I burned out and had too many incidents, knee operation, stings, ceptic cuts, nearly losing the top of my finger, I just had enough.  I'm still a little sad though.

I have caught up with home things now though and Tuesday, while John was fishing for bream, I played hard with Bob.

 It was my first Lone Star! (20 inches)  I confess to finding a foundation sheet of interfacing in Spain.  It was so quick and easy.  I would still like to do another the real way, but maybe in a while.

I finished the My Tweets centre panel, Miss Kelly (24 inches) and I'm just cutting and starching the next two blocks ready for stitching.

I've also managed a little more on the Stay at Home Robin with embroidery and quilting.  Yes the needle is still in there, I'm still working on it as it's evolving.

There are three more, and I think they are the last, bits boxes to find homes for and then my room is full.  I've enjoyed re discovering all the things I bought because I knew I would need them someday.  Ariadne the  longarm is sitting patiently upstairs with a quilt on it hoping to be finished at some point this weekend.  I want to put the little Lone Star quilt on and make that up so I had better pull my finger out.  The C&G is sitting patiently too so perhaps that will have a look in later.

Have a wonderful long weekend and keep cool.



  1. It is always a tug when you have two things that you wish to do. I love looking at plants, and thinking about them. But really don't enjoy the physical work it takes to keep them.

  2. I like the applique panel - lovely colours!

  3. Love the fabric in the centre of the Lone Star - looks like it's on fire. I have been hand sewing over the last few days as it is the only way I can sit out in the garden. I am currently trying to reclaim mine as it has been very neglected over the past couple of years. Are you hand stitching the Tweets - another gorgeous one? Looking forward to seeing the result of the SAHR.

  4. Love the Tweets block and it doesn't matter which way you have made the Lone Star the result is quite stunning. Loving the nice weather although we managed to get to Blue Anchor at lunchtime and it rained for a while!!
    Happy Easter.


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