Thursday, 28 April 2011

Well She Liked It

I gave Barbara her other quilt top back yesterday and she loved it.  It was only a practise piece, yet another one of her 'been in the loft for 10 years' ones but she was over the moon.

It may be a repeating design but I did learn a lot from it especially about travelling from an end to the next start.  Also, not to screw my head up too much when every one is not perfect and as I wanted it!  The over all effect is what counts.

I must also add that I try and follow quite a few longarmers, American usually as it's still too few and far between over here, but one has really inspired me over the past few months, especially with this quilt, and you can go and see Karen Marchetti's work, as well as on Facebook (you really should look through the albums on there!) if you too like being wowed by stunning quilting as well as quite a few wonderful quilts.

Thanks Karen for pulling me out of the feathers!!!! (I'll keep tapping the microphone if you keep recording the videos!)



  1. Well no wonder she liked it... it's stunning!
    WooHoo.. nice job! :)

  2. You did a fantastic job with this quilt and the scrolly feathers are beautiful!!! Barbara should be super-pleased with an awesome quilting job! I also want to thank you for tapping that microphone :D -- if it weren't for fans like you my work wouldn't mean as much!!!

  3. Smashing! Looks brilliant! J x


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