Saturday, 4 June 2011

Blazin' Bob

Bob the Bernina and I had a great day yesterday.  It seems ages since I put some fabric through at such a rate.

We turned a quick sketch and some calico...

and a selection of scrap fabrics...

into a couple of new fabric panels... (picasa refuses to open properly to rotate this.  I hate picasa!)

added some extra stitching...

trimmed them up...

and stitched them together.

It's a very tall (22 inches) doorstop for a door that is always slamming but the old doorstop was just too small to use.  This one is large, in your face and reachable so hopefully the door will be kept open and not slam so much any more!  There was also the pretence of using up the scraps I've saved allegedly for the embellisher etc.  I was strict enough to throw away any pieces I cut off the new panels.  These bits had had their second chance.  Phew, I feel liberated!!!

Yesterday at dusk when the wind had dropped John lit a bonfire to clear some of the larger garden waste and we then sat in the G&T hut (with wine) listening to the cuckoo's, robins and blackbirds and watching the house martins and bats catching all sorts of other flying things.  Our little bit of the planet was a very nice place to be.

Thank you for all the positive comments about the neck piece.  Maybe I will wear it sometime, but it would have to be the right sometime.  I'm a real jeans and t-shirt girl and I'm not sure that much bling, even in black and grey tones, would go lol!



  1. Ha! I really enjoyed this post... it was like watching magic, following those photos. And I love the fact that your Bernina is called Bob.

  2. Real crazy patchwork - looks brilliant!

  3. That is so yummy, I loved the panel before you cut into it, and it got better and better!

    My old Bernina went BANG and fused the house electrics years ago, but a friend at church recently asked if I could finda good home for her mother's sewing machine ... Another Bernina Record - as soon as I get Brian to service it, I will be very happy!

  4. Very funky door stop! And I love that your Bernina is called Pfaff is called Pferdinand!

  5. What an ingenious way to use up your scraps. And well done for having the will-power to throw out those that were left.


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