Monday, 20 June 2011

A Busy Day at Brooklands

Stuttgart had sent over to Mercedes-Benz World 15 of its most innovative models and we had an exclusive talk and unveiling on the Saturday night.  

From this huge 1900, 35hp, wooden wheeled version which set the benchmark for the motorcar from then on.

To the 1955,  196R Streamliner.  This one lovingly rebuilt with hand beaten aluminium. Sir Stirling Moss became the first English man to win the British Grand Prix in a 196R.

Not too sure about the concept car with a joystick rather than a wheel though.

This is an exploded and suspended Mercedes Petronas Formula 1 car.  3200 precision engineered parts created by Dutch artist Paul Veroude. Beautiful in its execution!

And whatever I said on Facebook about being fed up with seeing the SLS AMG on the Canadian Grand Prix, I could quite easily change my mind again if this was heading my way for Christmas!

However I did manage to have a play on the track with this most beautiful SLS. I have been in quite a few powerful cars but this one just sucked the road and had the best handling.  And I was assured that there was a boot big enough for a fair amount of shopping.

But if I were offered the chance to slip one in my handbag to take home, it would probably be this 1954, 300SL complete with suitcase strapped on the parcel shelf.

We didn’t make it over to the hill climb but there were plenty of other things going on all day, my feet hurt by the end of it.  John took both cars around the track several times and there was a Smart car football match and Silver Arrow display teams involving lots of squealing tyres and smoke.  I’m sure Pirelli were delighted. 

I was very glad to make it back to our two lovely old girls, Winnie and Gwen, and drive home in our own mini convoy though. 


  1. Looks like you had a great time. The Mercedes Petronas is a work of art, amazing.

  2. Yes these cars are works of art as well as being strong and functional not like some of the cars of today.

  3. Just been catching up on what you are up to - hmm that car with the large boot space, just think how many beads you could get in that after a trip to gjbeads.

  4. That looks like my husband's idea of heaven on earth...

  5. Lots of great looking cars! I'm a sucker for a bright red convertible!

  6. It was a fantastic weekend but it has taken a while to dry off the cars and clear the petrol from my head!!!


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