Sunday, 12 June 2011

Meet the Neighbours

We've had a week of frenzied feeding but today, in the pouring rain, we have viewings of our late babies just outside the window of the Eyrie.  They are quite noisy too.  The blurred bits are raindrops on the glass.

All the other nests seem to have flown without us seeing.  We did have a tree full of very insistent little Gold Finches on Friday and it was Green Finches galore last week.  I just hope they are all doing fine in this rather damp weather.

Friday I dyed fabrics and threads and yesterday I ironed.

Most of these are still quite pale.  I was after earthy and crystalline, well I had the crystalline ok, just missing a bit of the depth.  It is only the second time I've used Procion MX though so I'm still learning.  Next time I will be trying stronger baths for more even colour.  It's not as though you can ever have too many colours even if they're not quite what you expected!!



  1. That looks like one hungry little chick - great shot. Love the dyed fabric. If you want more intense just increase the amount of dye in your initial concentrate. I always make mine double what they suggest because you can always dilute it when you come to use it.

  2. Lush colours! Any plans as to how you'll use them?

  3. Great shot of the birds, aren't the wee ones gorgeous - nature at its best. I love shots like these.
    Your fabric and thread colours are great - good range.
    Can I ask - where do you get your hanks of thread for dyeing from? I've been searching the net for ages trying to find undyed threads to dye myself and can't seem to find anywhere.

  4. What a great photo. And those COLOURS... Fabulous.


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