Saturday, 18 June 2011

Brooklands Mercs and the Double Twelve

We've just arrived at Brooklands for the Mercedes-Benz World 125 year Celebration day tomorrow. It was an interesting drive up, I was in the 107 350SL and John in the 108 280 SE. It's amazing how vulnerable you can feel in an old car. No airbags, impact bars or ABS and we won't mention the lack of sat nav! At least the rain held off.

It's also the Double Twelve Motorsport Festival and things are just starting. We have a fabulous view of the track and as you can see, I've come prepared!


  1. Have a good time - sounds like great fun! Glad you have got your sewing with you! x

  2. sounds like something my Hubby and I would love! Have fun!

  3. Enjoy Celebration Day, it sounds like fun, and of course there is always time for stitching.

  4. My hubby would be SOOOO envious!

  5. OOOH! My hubby would so enjoy that! Love the convertible!


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