Saturday, 10 September 2011

Far Travelled Birds

I did managed a few stitches while we were travelling about this summer, though not huge amounts.  I'm not too sure if these are the farthest travelled of Erin's little birds but I think I've had these blocks with me on every trip.

Apologies for the lighting in the pictures, it's quite grey outside and the 'lights on' effect does not work well!

Block 4

Block 5

Block 7

Block 6 managed to hide itself somewhere but I have now found it again and discovered that the bird is sitting on leaves with no flowers so I will be cutting those soon and Block 8 is still in the computer.

I've had horrid catarrh on my chest since Tuesday, I slept most of Wednesday and this morning it decided to hit me in the head.  Not feeling great but between the rugby world cup and the Formula 1 I'm happy on the sofa.  I did managed to send off another little batch of City & Guilds work before it hit so I don't feel as though I'm losing contact with that either.

I hope your weekends are going well, I'm going to hide under a quilt again.



  1. Hope you are feeling a bit better Amanda. It is best to just snuggle down and keep warm. Love your bird blocks. I did contemplate doing this one but I know I would have fallen hopelessly behind. I can ogle yours though without feeling guilty about mine and it is a pleasure.

  2. Be well soon, and I admire all of your blue birds of happiness and flowers here.

  3. Poor you, I do hope the worst effects are wearing off. TV is great to sleep through when you need a doze, my favourite is old movies. I love the birds, what gorgeous fresh colours

  4. It's so lovely to have some sewing to do when you are away and these really are deightful. Sorry to be a nuisance, but being new to this blog game I have looked into changing settings from 'no reply' and haven't worked it out yet. Any clues would be really appreciated.

  5. Love the little birds! Such bright and cheery colours would be delightful to stitch. Catarrh, a lovely word that is not used in the USA outside of ancient medical texts! Love it! Used to work with an Australian doc who would use it in his notes!

  6. I love these blue birds. This applied work is excellent. I hope you get better. good Sunday

  7. Poor you, still suffering :-(. The birds are lovely, and I'm sure you have a warm quilt to snuggle under, LOL

  8. I hope that you are feeling better by now. The bird blocks are stunning, and well travelled without any effort on their part. Hope you enjoyed Monza, quite exciting really.


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