Friday, 16 September 2011

MIA Block 6

I've finished the found Block 6 of My Tweets.

Block 8 is under way.

I am still very under the weather.  The Doctor called me in to check my chest.  All is well but the virus will take it's time to work it's way out and, of course, antibiotics don't do anything to viruses so no point in them.  Lots of treating the side effects though of sore throat and nose, terrible muscle cramps from coughing and general lack of sleep.  I've snorted, rubbed and imbibed of most things available to help but my favourite is still a late night hot milk with a dribble of whiskey. At least the sweats seam to have stopped now so I must be on the good side of mending!

Have a great weekend.



  1. Nasty old virus! Take care of yourself, eat healthy, drink plenty of fluids (a dribble of whiskey is always a good thing!)

  2. I heard that virus is Latin for "doctor has no dea"!!! Keep looking after yourself!

  3. Glad you found the lovely number 6 but not so good to hear that you are still suffering. Keep up the hot toddy and get well soon.

  4. Panel 6 is simply gorgeous. Wish I could find the patience to do such beautiful applique. So sorry to hear you've been hit with a virus, get lots of rest and hope you get better soon. Take care.

  5. WHISKEY! Good on ya, girl. Last night I was feeling so horrible I had a quick shot of Scotch, and I am SO not a drinker. I normally only have my Scotch at Christmas, so you KNOW I felt like garbage.

    LOVE your work -- holy crow.

    THANK YOU for visiting my blog!!!

  6. Gorgeous design, colours and stitching. So sorry you're still feeling rough. This has been going on too long, so hot toddies are definitely essential - they make you feel better as well as dispersing the stuffedupness. I do hope the nasties have started to leave you alone.

  7. Bah. Boogger wont let me comment on the beading post! glad you are feelingbetter. The bracelet is gorgeous - so much work has gone into it


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