Friday, 30 September 2011

Order to Chaos

Whilst we were in Spain in the Spring, John stopped the car and we took a photo of these trees in their rigid formation.  He told me it would make a good quilt and he named it there and then.

So here it is, Order to Chaos made this week with machine free embroidery on hand dyed fabrics and a little beading all mounted onto stretched canvas. 8 x 20 inches.

Speaking of chaos, here is Chris at the start of his first ever half marathon.  He did an exceptionally fantastic time of 1 hour 49 minutes and 10 seconds and out of 2054 runners he came 478th which is well in the first quarter of the field! Very proud Mum!
 A few gardeny bits now.

As Chris is with us he has been helping around the place which is wonderful.  While moving some slabs around he found this little stash of hazelnuts.  They go down quite a long way and I'm sure the mouse who put them there would not be happy if we moved them so the slab went back down to cover them again.  We have lots of hazelnut trees in the garden but no walnut tree and neither have the neighbours so it was a mystery why we also found a walnut not too far away.

This is a new one for us, a white headed Goldfinch.  He has faint markings of where the mask should be but no colour at all.  He is a little jumpy so hard to photograph and we assume one of this years brood though all the others have their full coloured plumage.

At the beginning of the month there was huge excitement at the sighting of a Hummingbird Hawk Moth in the front garden.  Too fast and brief for a photo though.  We also found this fabulous caterpillar of a Grey Dagger Moth on one of the hawthorns.  Isn't it spectacular?  Moth larvae are nearly always better than butterfly.

I have finished block 8 of My Tweets.  The end is really in sight now and I'm already thinking of how to quilt it.

And in my own room of chaos, there is always a place for a little bit of calm and a snooze.

Have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Love the little art quilt! Fantastic job! You don't supposed the little finch is an albino, do you?

  2. Very, very beautifull. I love very much your quilt. Excellent interpretation of this picture. Good week end.

  3. Lovely post. And lovely rendering of your husband's great idea. I was struck by a similar rigid tree formation along the Columbia Gorge but my view also included a not rigid string of telephone poles too. One would expect tree formations to be random and man-made pole formations to be marching off in strict formation, but the opposite faced me. Been trying to think how to capture that idea in a quilt. You are giving me a push!

  4. Your husband has a great eye for quilt composition! It's delightful, both versions: the real life scene and the quilt.

  5. What a great suggestion from husband - and a fab landscape quilt from you! Well done to Chris, and well done to mr mouse moving a walnut that can't have been much smaller than himself! I love the photo of the sewing room, is that the 'new' extension? It looks as if it's been there forever!

  6. wow what great embroidery!
    I also love the caterpillar!

  7. The Order to Chaos quilt is very effective. Someone certainly knows how to relax amongst all that activity!.


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