Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Chatelaine Finish

I have managed to bead all the pieces together now (lets see how Picasa deals with long thin photos because as a rule it hates portrait!).

As usual my photographic skills have truly let me down.  Believe me I have the kit, I have the books and I have the friends with the great advice... but I'm just not a photographer.

I've also not really staged it very well but I'm sure you can imagine it's not the easiest thing to take a photo of.

It will do!! Next I have to think of a way of presenting it and I have a thought or two but it will have to wait a while.  

I recently left a comment on Maggie Grey's blog and won Dale Rollerson's book on using Romeo. 

And I have just recieved this lovely pile of yum from Maggi too. A great place to go should you need some hand dyes. 

I have been pottering around in my lovely little studio space (hard to think I once couldn't bear to call it a studio!) and becoming rather grumpy at a) not finding what I want without pulling the place to pieces or b) panicing that I don't have enough storage or space. 

I think a part of the problem is that I do quite a few disciplines and several of them have tools and equipment that are interchangeable.  This means of course that I can't have some things totally kept together as I'm often borrowing from one to do another. 

I have also noticed that when I really, really look I have a half empty box here and a draw with wrong things in there.  I feel I have just about come to the end of my 'needtobuyeverythingouttherecozi'vejustgottohaveit' stage, which has taken 5 years! I suppose there is only so many things that make up the basic tool kits of these hobbies and starting from scratch is quite hard.  Jan and I went to The Big Bead Show at Sandown last Saturday and I was really very good only buying a few rolls of ribbon and some sanding papers for the metal clay. I am now about to move on and try and use what I have.

I am going to Go For The Tidy Up!  Yes I am going to (try to) sort my room into a more organised space and repurpose all those badly used drawers, boxes and shelves that just collect.  I'm starting with the book shelves in the hall so I have somewhere to aim the books that are taking up a huge area of my desk.  I will also then be able to go to the collection of books for the type of info I need rather than wasting half the morning trying to find one! At least I have been a good girl and used the My Library app and I do actually know which books I have, it's just the where.  Shame the app doesn't home in on them too. 

So, wish me luck and I hope to surface again having found all those things I forgot I had!!


  1. I love your beaded piece, but I know what you mean about photographing work ( I think your images look fine by the way) I have terrible trouble with 3D pieces, they never come out as they should. My work room (can't call it a studio as when my daughter comes back for a visit it turn back to her bedroom) is in a constant state of chaos! Not enough labeled storage, I always tidy up in a frenzy and things get put in the wrong box and then I have to turn everything out to find it. Pleased to know that not everyone has a perfect work space, I feel better, I thought it was only me.

  2. The chatelaine is gorgeous. Good luck with your reorganisation and I'm glad that you liked the threads

  3. Wow! Thats amazing! Good luck with the tidy up. Once you've got it sussed can you come and do mine too?

  4. I might send you a photo of my sewing room and I bet it will make you feel better about your space. Maybe today I will go in and tidy. The chatelaine looks magnificent and Maggi'ss threads look scrumptious.


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