Thursday, 4 April 2013

Little Panel Finish

I've wanted to explore a little more into the mixed media area and with the likes of Jan Messent, Maggie Grey, Dale Rollerson, Beryl Taylor, Angie Huges Ro Bruhn et al out there who can resist!!

I started collecting bits together and did some painting of papers and fabrics, stamping, stencilling and printing and then made some little panels up with them.  To bring them all together I thought of a loose theme and stitched away.  Lots of beads and bits later and I have a pile of interesting fabrics and papers and this little panel.  It is 13.5 x 16 inches in size and it is still technically a quilt as it's at least three layers.

I think this one could possibly qualify to be OK to show for the Dorset Art Weeks.  Maybe.

Must do some more with embossing next!

Oh PS, my Google Reader seems to have gone early.  I thought they weren't doing away with it until July but I cannot see where they have shoved it on my dashboard.  I'm trying to find out where to read you all next so if I go missing, it's those blooming clever clog at Google messing around yet again!!



  1. Lovely piece. Try Bloglovin.

  2. A very clever piece of work, I recognised it straight away, not sure if it was the 'pea green boat or the pig with a ring through his nose, his nose......'
    You must include it in your exhibition it's brilliant!

    1. Miriam, thanks for that! I hadn't spotted that! But now you mention it, bloomin' obvious!

      And yes, it is rather fab.

  3. A wonderful piece of work' with a great theme. You should be very proud of our work.

  4. Thank you Maggi, I'm giving it a go. It seems nice and uncluttered with everyone else's idea of what I should be following so far. A big plus.

    I didn't realise that all those years of taking the kids camping with weird cutlery was actually going to rear it's head again. I was never too fond of runcible spoons to be honest, it was the novelty factor.

    I am trying Diane, I just always have big doubts!! lol

  5. Try typing into the URL box on your browser, or, when at the Google home page, look at the top (black) line and click on "More" (furthest to the right). Reader should be one of the options on the drop-down. I'm still using it

    I've been trying Feedly, don't get on with Bloglovin and Feedly isn't much better for me. Will have a look at The Old Reader when their servers are less overloaded.

  6. An amazing amount of detail in the piece. Did you plan it all out at the start or did it develop as you worked on it?

  7. This is beautiful. I'm full of admiration because I'm useless at mixed media stuff!

  8. Beautiful piece, Amanda.


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