Friday, 12 April 2013

Fabulous Friday

First of all this morning I was still faffing around trying to find a reader I liked using.  Google Reader was nice and clear and had whole posts for most of the blogs and also was there in the corner of my blog dashboard.  Now I wasn't expecting miracles from any of them out there, it's always hard to replace something you're used to, but two out of three would be nice.

I've been trying a few. They either are 99% American based and have stocks, shares and news, only show you a small snippet of the posts or are sprinkled with adverts. This morning The Old Reader came up in my searches again.  Up until now I have not tried it because I knew it wasn't up and running fully, was very heavily subscribed and the waiting list was rather long.  Today, however, it worked like a dream.  I can now read you all again in full glory and there are no flashing adverts or unwanted feeds.  It's not directly linked into my blog but that is no problem, I just have it on the bookmark bar next to my blog link.  Very happy bunny.

And then the postman arrived with quite a few parcels, mostly more stuff to add to the studio.  At the bottom of the pile was my Workbox magazine subscription.

With my little quilt on the front cover!!

Mary had asked me to write a piece on the quilt but I didn't expect it to be the cover girl in my wildest dreams!  Absolutely bursting!

We are out to dinner with friends tonight and have a lovely blank diary for the weekend so hopefully a little creating tidying will be going on!

Have a good one whatever you're doing.


  1. Wow! That's impressive. Meant to tell you how much I liked the chatelaine yesterday too.

  2. Congratulations! I don't subscribe to Workbox but I shall look out for this edition!

  3. Oooooh, get you, a cover girl! Congratulations! Have a fab weekend

  4. Well done on the magazine cover, it's a lovely feeling (I had one once :} ).

    Regarding Blogger, I now notice the b*ggers have removed the option to make a OPML file of all your blog URLs for export to another service . . . typical Google, they don't want to provide a service which millions use but doesn't make them enough profit but they don't seem to want anyone else to either.

    I looked after you said the 'Reader' option had disappeared from the Google home page ... wonder what will disappear next?

  5. Congratulations, what a wonderful feeling it must be to see your work in print, and it looks fabulous. Can't wait to get my copy of Workbox, but it takes a while longer to get to the other side of the world.


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