Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Latest Metal Clay Piece

Fine silver, Bronze and Picture Jasper bracelet.

I really enjoyed making this piece and have already worn it several times.  I even made the clasp. The bronze was fired in my kiln and the silver by torch.  

I haven't made anything else this week as I'm still tidying.  Almost there though!! There was even enough room on my desk for Chris to join me this weekend and work some more on his wooden boat.  

At last the weather seems to be turning and everything is deciding to bloom forth.  I've had one day of itchy eyes and that's all, lots of nice smells out there!  I think the high winds have been doing away with most of the hazel pollen. Almost, but not quite, ready to urge John into giving the barbie it's spring clean.  May be tempting fate though.  


  1. I like! You have a talent for working with silver and bronze, I can see.

  2. Well your title of this post says "metal clay", and I am not sure what that is, but it sure looks like silver and bronze :)

    1. Thank you! It starts as a clay of metal with an organic binder. The binder is burnt off during firing and you're left with pure metal. 99.9% fine, hallmark-able silver and bronze in this case.

  3. I agree, you definitely have a talent for jewellery making. Will you be making more?

  4. Very nice. You really do make lovely jewellery.

  5. Amo, that's stunning! You asked bout thread storage, I keep my aurifil and another brand (country threads maybe) in their own boxes, but the cheap and / or miscellaneous ones are stored by colour, while the brother ones for the embroidery machine are stored by make and the colour, no idea why they are all different - maybe determined by the container available!

  6. Absolutely stunning love the mix of metals


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