Friday, 29 March 2013

A Message From Elsa

"Thank you all for your support and sponsorship whilst we were doing the 
Jurassic Coast Challenge.
It was hard going, hilly, muddy and windy but I thoroughly enjoyed it and 
raising so much money for Help for Heroes definitely made it worthwhile.  
Losing Mike's companionship early on was difficult but his continued support 
at the checkpoints and throughout the race was invaluable.  
He is hoping to complete the event next year, I'm sure Mum will blog about it!
Thank you again, 
Elsa and Mike xx"

Elsa has just about recovered now though hips and calves are still twinging and the feet will take some time to regrow nails and new skin.  

Mike however has had a different story!  His ever blackening toes were seen by his doctor who sent him to the fracture clinic at Salisbury hospital.  Ten x-rays later they found he has actually two broken bones, one is the base of his tibia and one of the foot bones, and a un-attached tendon.  At the moment he has a pump up splint on and they will be seeing about a possible operation next month.  Fingers crossed for a healthy mend instead! 

The sun is finally shining here and it really does put a smile on your face to see it.  I hope you all have a great Easter weekend.



  1. Poor Mike. That doesn't sound good. I do hope they can fix him up quickly. Beautiful day here although the clouds are starting to roll in. Wonder if that was caused by putting the washing out!

  2. Sounds very painful, poor Mike and Elsa. Hope both people will be soon on the mend. Happy Easter to you all.

  3. Well done to Elsa and her husband, hope they both recover soon, after such a hard event. You must be proud of them both. Hope the sun continues to shine, enjoy your weekend.

  4. Well done to both, and to mum for her support (even *that* left me exhausted!). Hope they get Mike sorted soon - then he can go into training for the next one????

  5. That's some sacrifice Elsa and Mike have made. I hope they both heal quickly.


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